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An evening's entertainment is the ideal way to boost slow nights, such as Friday's or Sundays, quiet times of the year, such as between Christmas and New Year, January and February. Putting on a production night can not only boost your occupancy, but attract new and varied clientele.

What Lemon Squeeze Productions Can Do For You...

Partnering with is is a hassle free solution to securing high quality entertainment for your venue,
our services include:

  • Producing the evening's entertainment

  • Market the event to our emails list and Social Media connections

  • Provide printed materials for promotion, branded to your venue

  • A designated sales page for your event, branded to your venue

  • Dealing with enquiries

  • Manage all bookings through our secure online booking system

  • Work with you to maximise profitability of the event

  • To speak to one of our team about the possibility of partnering with Lemon Squeeze Productions, please email us on [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You.

    Tour Pack for

    A Couple of Swells

    Written by Sarah Archer

    A Couple of Swells

    The Play - Synopsis

    Vesta Tilley and Hetty King were international superstars and rivals who wowed audiences around the globe with their male impersonator acts over 100 years ago.

    In this show, Vesta and Hetty are brought to life again, and thrown together, (not that they're happy about it!) ... to share their stories with you, and to determine once and for all, which of them was Queen of the original Drag Kings.

    The show will include a number of classic music hall songs, including ‘Following in Father’s Footsteps’, ‘Burlington Bertie from Bow’, and lots more. And ... at the end of the show you will decide which woman wins the title of the best male impersonator in the world.

    If you love old time music hall, or you’re partial to a bit of 'drag' then this will be right up your alley!

    Our Company

    Lemon Squeeze Productions has been producing theatre and stand up comedy shows over the last 10 years.

    The golden thread that runs through all our work is our dedication to ensuring it is both thought provoking and entertaining.

    We are also on a mission to find a way to make theatre self-sustaining so that it is viable, and accessible in the long term.

    We have previously toured the UK with our first original production 'Dearly Beloved - and were lucky enough to perform in venues such as the Thame Players Theatre near Oxford (which is one of our favourites!) The Brassworks Theatre, and the Mission Theatre Bath.

    A Couple of Swells - Sarah Archer

    Currently, most of the venues we work with are studio theatres and community theatres and performance spaces. We always strive to make it easy for venues to work with us, and we are committed to marketing our productions alongside the venues, to maximise the benefit for all involved.

    "It was a pleasure working with you.. All your team were flexible and helpful in all the arrangements. We worked together really well and it was great to see your show as such a success. Looking forward to next year" The Latest Bar, Brighton.

    The Production

    (The Tech Spec.)

    A Couple of Swells - Bow


    Our lighting requirements are very simple.

    There is a maximum of two lighting states in all;

    1. The rehearsal (a general wash)

    2. The show (a warmer wash covering a smaller area of the stage)

    We are also able to do the show with one lighting state, or no stage lights if necessary - depending on the venue.


    We have all the sound cues on a QLab file, which can be used by the technician, if required. Alternatively we can provide either a playlist of the sound files, or a zip folder containing all the mp3s; whichever would be preferable.

    We are happy to amend our tech script to suit the requirements of each venue's technician, if they let us know what they need ahead of time.

    The Set

    The set is flexible and can be scaled up, or down, depending on the space available.

    At its most basic, the set consists of two chairs, a small, folding table and a hatstand.

    A Couple of Swells - Sound
    A Couple of Swells - Dance


    The cast is made up of two actors.

    If the venue can provide a technician for the performance, we prefer to use yours, as they are used to the equipment specific to your venue. However, if this is not possible, we do have our own technician who can do the lighting and sound for us.

    'Get-In' Times

    We can set up the show within an hour and a half, if we have previously run through the tech in the space.

    If we also need to run through and set up the lighting and sound, we would be looking for a three hour get-in minimum, to make sure everything is set up, and the technician has a chance to run through the cues before the performance.


    A Couple of Swells is available as either a 60 minute, or 90 minute play.

    For the 60 minute show, we wouldn't normally have an interval.

    Whereas, for the 90 minute version, we would normally run it with an interval, so in total the show runs at around 1 hour 45mins - 2 hours (depending on the length of the interval) .

    A Couple of Swells - Set
    A Couple of Swells - Audience

    Our Audience

    Our productions attract a fairly wide ranging demographic. In terms of age, the majority of audience members fall in the 30 to 55 group, and are equally split between men and women.

    Although our themes have broad appeal, as Sarah and Emma are partners in life and work, the company also attracts a strong LGBTQ+ following.

    Here is a link to our homepage, so you can see a bit more about who we are and what we do: www.lemon-squeeze.co.uk

    If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us.

    ON TOUR...

    What We're Looking For...

    We are looking to take A Couple of Swells to a combination of theatres, hotels and community spaces, ideally with a capacity between 50-200 seats.

    Afternoon tea

    Dinner and a show?

    This show also works really well, when paired with a meal or an afternoon-tea - so we are very happy to discuss this sort of arrangement with venues or organisations who are interested in this type of event.


    2025 and beyond...

    We are looking for venues to build a long-term relationship with, with a view to bringing new productions to you on a regular basis.



    We also partner with schools, charities and not-for-profits to put on a fundraising event.

    A Couple of Swells is just one of the shows that we are promoting and pitching to venues, and if you would like to find out more about what else we're up to, please get in touch with Emma at
    [email protected]

    Bring A Couple of Swells to your venue...

    If you would like to present ‘A Couple of Swells’ at your venue we have two options available for 2024.

  • A One-Act version, that would make a brilliant accompaniment to a meal or an afternoon-tea.

  • Or the full length, 90 minute adaptation which would be performed with an interval.

  • The Arrangement:
    We charge a one-off fee for bringing the production to you, and you keep 100% ticket sales. We provide you with all marketing materials in digital format, including posters, publicity photos, sample emails, a trailer for the show, a dedicated page on our website to your event and press release templates.

    If you would like us to provide print materials, we can do that for you, but it would be an additional cost.

    To speak to one of our team about the possibility of partnering with Lemon Squeeze Productions, please email us on [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You.

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