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'CRUNCH' by Sarah Archer

What do you get when you cross a dead iguana, an employee with a very rare medical condition and the HR department in a high-end toilet factory?


Crunch! Sarah Archer's latest comedy drama.


Arthur is an over-promoted HR Manager, trying to find the path of least resistance in a world that has changed dramatically around him. Paula is the long-suffering HR advisor who keeps the ship afloat and herself sane by poking fun at her boss. And Jackie is the ambitious, and highly-strung new girl who is struggling to find her place in her family and the world.


But really, this is a tale, inspired by a true event, of three people who talk without sharing what’s really important and the chaos that ensues as a result.

Age suitability: 12 +

Content Warning: (Very occasional) swearing

Duration: 90 mins

Interval: Yes

Brighton Fringe Sell Out Show 2022

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What Audiences Thought of the show....

"Really great - The Office meets The Vicar of Dibley!"

"Fantastic, really, really loved it"

"It's really, really funny, and had a brilliant ending!"

"We loved it! Absolutely loved it!"

"This show was like a warm hug!"

Production Gallery

Crunch 1
Crunch 2
Crunch 3
Crunch 4
Crunch 5
Crunch 6
Crunch 7
Dearly Beloved 8

Original cast...

Sarah Archer - Paula

Playwright, Actor, Comedian


Sarah Archer - Headshot

Emma Hopkins - Jackie

Emma Hopkins - Headshot

Philip J Willett - Arthur

Actor, Improviser, Street Performer

View Phillip's profile on Star now here.

Philip J Willet - Headshot

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