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Lemon Squeeze Productions

We create and produce small-scale theatre, the golden thread that runs through

all our work is our dedication to ensuring our audiences

are both challenged and entertained.

"I believe that humour can be the trojan horse that can wound the powerful, shine a spotlight on inequality, and make the world a better place" ​- Sarah Archer​, Company Director

​Our first production 'Dearly Beloved' was a great success at the Edinburgh Fringe, and on tour. It is now published by Lazybee Scripts and has been performed all over the world.

We have been lucky enough to work with Joan Greening on her Edinburgh Fringe Productions over the last few years, both on stage and on screen (in collaboration with Feegle Films).

Our newest production 'Crunch' (written by our very own Sarah Archer) made its world premiere in the Brighton Fringe in May 2022.

What are we up to in 2022?

It's a year of world premieres and fringes...

Joan Greening's new comedy 'Three Women & Shakespeare's Will' is making it's debut at the Edinburgh Fringe this August!

Will's will

After the death of her husband, Will Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway is visited by two women with shocking revelations.

Both claim to have known her husband very intimately and each wants a share of Will's will.

Are they telling the truth and, if so, what should Anne do? Inspired by historical characters this comedy shows another side of the Bard and the women in his life.

The twist is astonishing!

Starring Julia Munrow, Sarah Archer and Emma Hopkins. Written by award-winning playwright, Joan Greening.

You can read our 4-star review here.

There is also a 5-star audience review on our EdFringe ticket page, which you can see by clicking the button below.

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Sarah Archer's new play 'Crunch' made its premiere at Brighton Fringe​ in May 2022!

'Crunch' the play

What do you get when you cross a dead iguana, an employee with a very rare medical condition and the HR department in a high-end toilet factory?

Crunch! The new comedy drama from Sarah Archer.

Arthur is an over-promoted HR Manager, trying to find the path of least resistance in a world that has changed dramatically around him. Paula is the long-suffering HR advisor who keeps the ship afloat and herself sane by poking fun at her boss. And Jackie is the ambitious, and highly-strung new girl who is struggling to find her place in her family and the world.

But really, this is a tale, inspired by a true event, of three people who talk without sharing what’s really important and the chaos that ensues as a result.

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